Caylyn grew up in the great state of North Carolina-where pig is big and the attitudes are bigger. She doesn’t really consider herself a Southerner, but prefers to think of herself as an “in-betweener.” While her passion for sweet tea and barbecue is irrefutable, her love affair with London and a more lavish lifestyle has her searching for something outside of her genteel, Southern hometown.

She is a twenty-something, reformed “law-school hopeful” and is currently completing her degree in art history. Balancing her fondness for luxury and her college student budget is a struggle, but she still hopes to bring her love and knowledge of makeup, food, fashion and travel to her readers.

Bolstered by an disproportionate amount of self confidence, she started this blog to share her life and loves with the world.

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” -Winston Churchill


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